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Projekt 2005/040

 Project " The trail of piligrims Lithuania-Poland"  No 2005/040.  Budget of the project  -  84 020 euro.  The period of the realization of the project 07/2006 – 01/2008.

         Project partners:
Alytus district municipality administration
Governor administration of Alytus county
Puńsk Administrative Commune Office

Puńsk Administrative Commune Office -8070 euro

The common aim of project - expanding border co-operation through encouraging to development of cognitive tourism and cultural heritage tourism on Polish - Lithuanian borderland. Project detailed aims :
Assurance of advantageous conditions for creating attractive and favourable environment for tourists through technical documentation study of " Pilgrim's Trail" rout
Assurance of development of borderland regions touristic infrastructure through creation the auxiliary infrastructure of touristic rout
Creating the attractive informative environment and endeavour to obtainment of the tourists' positive opinion

Described aim is directed to creating the tong - term and consistently realized common for Alytus self-government (Lithuania) and Puńsk Administrative Commune Office (Poland) the policy of touristic infrastructure development, protection and rational using the natural, cultural and recreational resorces, and also after unification businesses of natural persons, legal persons, groups these persons, community, councils and authorities - in direction of stimulating to tourism and investment development in order to obtainment the social - economic development.

Project detailed aims to try to achieve common aim:
1.Assurance of advantageous conditions for creating attractive and favourable environment for tourists through technical documentation study of " Pilgrim's Trail" rout
Present aim become achieved in moment study of touristic rout Pilgrim's trail Poland – Lithuania” technical documentation (the study of possibility, detailed plans places of rest), which will contribute to creation using conception and keep of chosen area on Polish - Lithuanian borderland, the undertaking the correct steps in aim of keeping and rational utilization of touristic supplies.
2. Assurance of development of borderland regions touristic infrastructure through creation the auxiliary infrastructure of touristic rout
It in order to successful development of tourism borderland regions should to build suitable infrastructure and to adapt it for tourists' needs. The present aim will be achieved in moment of the delimitation of two, fulfilling tourists requirements of rest places on new touristic rout "Pilgrim's trail".
3.Creating the attractive informative environment and endeavour to obtainment of the tourists' positive opinion
Aiming to attracting much more tourists to borderland regions it should use marketing resources, to disseminate informations promoting existing on borderland or the foreseen touristic objects with emphasis of attractiveness and possibilities of recreational active tourism. Present aim will be achieved after informative campaign realization.

Project will be realized in three stages:
1.Preparatory (First partnership meeting );
2.Realization (Work out the feasibility study, detailed plans, touristic guidebook's, building places of rest II partnership meeting );
3.Final ( pilotage trip "Pilgrim's trail ...”, taking part in touristic markets in Warsaw, III partnership meeting, summary conference)

The main products and results of project:
- the renovation district self-government Alytus and Puńsk Administrative Commune Office internet pages, on which will be put the informations about objects and touristic routes on Polish - Lithuanian borderland
building two necessary places to rest for "Pilgrim's trail ”
creation and presenting the new product of active tourism – "Pilgrim's trail ”
touristic guide's publication
building 4 informative stands
organizing three partnership meetings – conferences

Close partnership and competences of team realizing project will assure effective and qualitative realization of project.
The project is compatible with Neighbourhood Programme Lithuania, Poland and Kaliningrad region of Russian Federation and compatible with measure 1.4. Through realization this project is to aim to stimulating good neighbourly relations, sedated political development and social Polish - Lithuanian borderland. Jointly undertaken work and discussions around current events during creating and developing the touristic infrastructure of Polish - Lithuanian borderland it will contribute to propagating the tourism (as one of assuring factors strengthening the development of economic borderland region ) as well as the more far co-operation.
Advantages direct recepients:
Local and arriving tourists in different age, whose passion is cognitive tourism;
Alytus Self-government District , Alytus District Administration Head, Puńsk Administrative Commune Office
Advantages indirect recepients:
The businessmen of Alytus and Puńsk regions, providing (who are going to provide) the touristic services
Religious and country communities
Non - governmental organizations

The present target groups were appointed in order to stimulating the local and arriving tourism in Polish - Lithuanian borderland regions which in next will contributes to attraction investments in sector of services, creating new work places and thereby stimulate social - economic balanced development of borderland region.

The project will be realized on basis of earlier experiences and opinion of valid legal base and through division of responsibility among Partners and undertaking joint workings connected with project realization.

Project does not give rise to doubts and its continuity is kept. For workings realization were appointed suitable deadlines with regard the different kind of factors: procedure connected with public auctions, disadvantageous natural conditions, etc. The implementation schedule of workings was settled in responsible way through precise arrangement the realization time of every day, keeping the order and relationship with another workings. In order to the project managing it is foreseen the suitable number of emplopyees, number of necessary days for project realization, making to use own goods for project needs (the office rooms, telephone, fax, xerox machine, means of transport).
Working out the feasibility study, detailed plans, determination the places of rest, organization of pilotage trip, taking part in touristic markets – this the basic workings which are used to achievement of intentional result – the building of touristic route infrastructure .
Workings which are connected with project promotion will have direct influence on achievement of results and will create the attractive environment of touristic information, aiming to obtainment tourists' positive opinion.
During project realization the information of project realization financial reports will be stored effectively, on basis which in definite deadlines will be prepared project realization reports. Aiming to assurance of correct project course and its management, workings were provided for, which will not have the directly influence on reached results, but its realization is essential because the quality of realized project will assure: organization partnership meetings - conferences, preparation the periodical and final reportings of project realization. During the project realization aims to stimulating the principles of good neighbourhood, sedated political and social development on areas of Polish - Lithuanian borderland region. This project is continuation of other projects which support society and economic development of these regions. Jointly undertaken work and discussions around current events during creating and developing the of the borderland active tourism infrastructure, will create the conditions for closer co-operation in process of creating the democratic society, of sedated development and international importance in EU. The project will creates the basics to delimitation continuous part of touristic rout from Poland to Lithuania, from which the economic advantages will reach the organizations providing services in tourism sector, the persons who are busy with agrotourism or entity providing other services in range of tourism.

Creating the regions undertaking the border co-operation on European Union area are foreseen, that:
1.The quality of life will be improvemented and development differentiation will get smaller;
2.There will be sedate social - economic development;
3.The regions will be stimulated to development of trade;
4. There will be intensive development of small and medium-sized enterprise;
5.Tension on labour market will get smaller;
6.There will be development of municipal borderland infrastructure;
7.There will be intensive development of touristic infrastructure;
8.There will be development of transport infrastructure;
9.Natural resources will be effectively protected;
10.The cooperation in sector of social services will revival much more : education, preventive health;
11.Experts will share with acquired experience, skills and knowledge;
12.These factors are particularly important during the potential advantages opinion, which in future can bring the project for regions laid on both sides of Polish - Lithuanian border.

       The lead partner Alytus district municipality was responsible for all the activities: organization of 2 partners’ meeting, preparation of feasibility study, preparation of 2 detailed plans, setting up 2 resting sites, travel guide preparation, attending Vilnius tourism fair, renewing the internet website, implementing project publicity activities, oganizing the pilot travel “Trail of pilgrims…”, oganizing final conference, 5 persons are responsible for the project administration: project manager, project manager assistant, project financier, person, responsible for the information and person, responsible for information and public relationship. During the project implementation period the project manager has changed. From October project manager assistant resigned from work place, so this position was never replaced afterwards. His responsibilities and tasks were divided to person, responsible for the information and person, responsible for information and public relationship.

        The partner No.2 Governor administration of Alytus county was responsible for the information collection for preparation of the feasibility study, the travel guide, and the detailed plans for 2 resting sites for pilgrims. There were no collaboration difficulties between Lithuanian and Polish partners during reporting period. The Financial partner as well as the Partner No.2 was attending all the events: partners meetings, pilot travel, final conference.
The Finansing Partner Puńsk Administrative Commune Office. The main tasks of the partner was to delivery for the Lead Partner's workers necessary information’s in order to realize intentional tasks as well as organization the pilotage pilgrimage on Polish side. Partner's role wasn't changed as well it hadn't changed the componency and tasks of manageress project unit.
         By implementing this project good neighborhood principles was stimulated, what had influence for continuous development of social, economical, political fields in Lithuania – Poland border territories. This project was a continuation of former projects achieving good social and economical development results in these regions. Common work and target discussions established and developed active tourism infrastructure near the countries’ border, what created the opportunities for further close cooperation, developing democratic international society in European Union. At the same time, project created foundations for part of united tourism route from Poland to Lithuania, which economical wealth was obtainable for services providing organizations, rural tourism representatives, or other subjects influenced by tourism infrastructure.
        There was improved organization of Lithuania – Poland border region tourism services, higher quality services for arriving tourists. Increased attraction and availability of border regions for local and arriving tourists, at the same time improved recreation facilities for local society. Improved presentation of tourism products helping to achieve open region image for local and foreign tourists.

        During of the project implementation period were:
2 partner meetings. The lead partner organized the first partners’ meeting on the 1st August, 2006, where we represented project, discussed about partnership contract, project activities and partners’ responsibility and division of tasks. There were 13 people participating in the partners’ meeting: 8 people from Alytus district municipality, 1 – from Governor Administration of Alytus County and 4 – from Punsk municipality. The Financial partner organized the second meeting on 29 August 2007, where was discussed project implementation process, feasibility study, pilot trip, internet websites renewal, etc. There were 6 people participating in the partners’ meeting: 2 from Alytus district municipality, 1 – from Governor Administration of Alytus County and 3 – from Punsk municipality.
         Preparation of one feasibility study. The feasibility study preparation service was bought according public procurement rules. The public establishment “PVC” won the competition and prepared the feasibility study. The information for the feasibility study preparation provided all partners.
         Preparation of travel guide. The book - travel guide preparation and publication service was bought according public procurement rules. The joint stock company “Dasemos lipdukai” won the competition. The information for the feasibility study preparation provided all partners – the information regarding the sights worth seeing on the route involved Alytaus and Punsk areas. JC “Dasemos lipdukai” prepared and published book-travel guide “Trail of pilgrims Poland – Lithuania”, total 5000 units. So there was prepared of 1 tourism product – new route.
         Participation in tourism fair in Vilnius (before the participation to prepare the informational stand about the pilgrims trail). It was made contract with Alytus tourism information center due to participation in the international tourism, leisure and sport fair in Vilnius, LITEXPO. Was signed the contract with them because LP delayed to book place in LITEXPO and later there were no free places. So it was decided to participate together with Alytus tourism information centre, because they publicize also Alytus region. Before the participation in the tourism fair, the lead partner organized public procurement for the exposition place fit-out. The competition won Joint Stock Company “Dasemos lipdukai” and did the information stands about the pilgrims trail and all the installation of exposition place. The tourism fair was on the 2nd – 4th March, 2007. There were representative from all partners: 6 from Alytus district municipality, 5 from Punsk municipality and 4 from Governor Administration of Alytus County.
         Preparation of 2 detailed plans. Detailed plans should have been prepared till March, 2007, but there were problems with land ownership and it took a long time to find free lands which belong to municipality (Lead partner). Also it was difficult to find detailed plans projector, because of their considerable business. So, the contract with the projector was signed only in May, 2007. The detailed plans were prepared in the September, 2007. Also concerning to the Lithuanian law, LP bought two geodesic plans for the resting sites.
          To set up 2 resting sites for pilgrims. The detailed plans preparation service was bought according public procurement rules. The contract was signed by KŪB “Kaliforma”. Geodesic plans of 2 resting sites (one in Pivašiūnai and one in Punia) for pilgrims were prepared (Annex 1). Public procurement procedures were accomplished. All works of setting of 2 resting sites for pilgrims were done: 4 stands: 2 in Lithuania (Punia, Pivašiūnai), 2 in Poland (Smalėnai, Punskas), outdoor furniture (4 units): 2 in Punia, and 2 in Pivašiūnai, outdoor toilets (2 units) in Punia, Pivašiūnai (Annex 2).
           To renew the internet website. All works of website renewing started in last reporting period (collection and systematizing of information; internet website layout works). Webpages of Lead and Financial Partners are updated with the information; the map of pilgrim’s tourism route is prepared and published in the website, common data base on new route. (Annex 3).

More information    

      To organize the pilot travel “Trail of pilgrims…” . All works of organizing were done, the information about pilot trip was disseminated for public on web site, invitations sent to the partners and project’s managing authority, the trip program was prepared and coordinated with partners, accommodation, travel and nourishment services for trip participants was bought. This activity was implemented on 25-26 of October, participated 21 people: 9 from LP, 8 from FP and 4 from Partner No.2. (Annex 4).
         To organize 3rd partners meeting. This activity was implemented on 11 November in Alytus. Participated 14 persons from all partners: 10 from LP, 2 from FP and 2 from Partner No.2. During the meeting there were discussed about the websites renewal, publicity of the project, final conference, reporting activities and the pilot travel results. (Annex 5).
To publish an article about the project results. On 6 of December there was published one article about the project results and further cooperation, presenting for the community outcomes and perspectives. (Annex 6). Project publicity was in hand all the time. The information is publicized in the internet and as well. (Annex 7). There were also published free of charge articles in other newspaper “Dainavos žodis”: 9 of November and 7 of December. (Annex 8). Also there was made free of charge the reportage on the local TV “Alytaus kabelinė televizija”. (Annex 9). Publication in “Aušra“ was published on 2007-12-16 financed by Financial Partner.
      To organize final conference. Final conference was organized on 27 November in Daugai. There participated 64 participants from all partners: 45 from LP, 15 from FP and 4 from Partner No.2. There were participants from Ministry of Interior Affairs, Tourism department, Tourism information centre, NGO members, media, and others. (Annex 10).
         During all project implementation there were achieved following result indicators:
Cooperation contacts established – 7. Punsko Dariaus ir Girėno elementary school with Alytus district Butrimonys secondary school, Miroslavas culture centre with Punskas culture centre, Kumečiai amateur theatre with Seinai amateur theatre, Rural choir Klumpė with Vankiškių kaimo choir, Punskas local community and Miroslavas village community, Punskas Social department and Alytus district municipality social department, Punskas Valdi shop owners and Daugai A. Zenevičiene individual company owners.
           Conferences, seminars organized during the low-season – 3. 20-21 September in Druskininkai partners participated in the conference “Cultural features of Euroregion Nemunas”, 17-19 October partners participated in the conference about implemented SoccerNet project in Daugai, looking for the project sustainability all partners participated in the conference for new program “Lithuania-Polska” in Druskininkai on April 9 th.
          Strengthened cross border cooperation of local actors (no of new local cross border contacts) – 7. New local contacts were established with Lithuanian culture centre in Punskas, Aušros press Office, Elementary school in Punskas, Punskas social department, local community, business representatives and choir members.New cultural links – 7. During the meetings were established new cultural links with Poland Cultural centre, Seinai Žiburio gymnasium, Suvalkai Library, Suvalkai Museum.
           Tourist in the trail of pilgrims – 7000. During the Vivattur exhibition, there were interest about pilgrims route from over 2000 participants, about 1000 potential tourists applied with the interest to the Alytus Tourism Information Centre, about 1000 potential tourists visited internet site with the interest about new project and new tourism route. About 1000 brochure units were disseminated to the embassies, representing our new product. 2000 were disseminated to the local churches, schools, other local authorities.