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Project 2005/069

Cultural co-operation and tourism development in Lazdijai district and Punsk area municipalities”
Project No. 2005/069
Implementation period: 01/02/2006 till 31/12/2007


Lead Partner
Lazdijai cultural centre public institution

Financial Partner
Punsk Lithuanian cultural house

           The main general objective of the project is to support development of cultural heritage both in Lazdijai district and Punsk area municipalities and other neighbouring eligible programme support territories. To achieve this objective, during the project implementation and after completion of the project the support will be oriented to cross-boarder co-operation, better environment will be created for the project target groups, realization of initiatives of crafts, sme’s, other culturaland socio-economical initiatives. The measures of the project will develop cognitive, scientific, ecological, cultural, historical, sportive, crafts and sme‘s development, sustainable socio-economical conditions for inhabitants will be created. This project will support a large scale of horizontal, vertical and public-private partnership. The project is oriented on development of built infrastructure of historical, ethnical cultural heritage, where 11 joint events, other mass performances will take place. Due to historical, cultural heritage reasons, neighbouring – Lazdijai and Punsk districts, objectively creates a single region, has a number of common social, cultural features and common socio-economical development tendencies. Both side of the boarder, there is a large number of cultural values, objects attractive for tourists; a large flow of tourism interested in cognitive tourism; appropriately developed road networks; large scale of attractive objects for tourists. Also, it is foreseen to develop some new products – helding of two research-scientific seminars, two joint conferences (one of them – project final conference). In order to perform effectively measures foreseen in the projects, mobile scene will be acquired.
                 During the project implementation phase the following activities will take place in renovated and newly build, or newly installed premises and buildings. International dance festival ,,Susukime ratą jaunystės vardu“ will take place in Lazdijai, Dusia and Seinai, Youth festival of organ music, international children and youth folklore dance festival will take place in Rudamina and Meteliai, International-traditional Lazdijai town festival “pasienio fiesta”, Onines festival by the Prelomciskes mould, Zoline festival will be held in Punsk Skansen, Lithuanian national – Mindaugas coronation fiesta by the Rudamina mould, Partisan patriotic song festival, by Kalniskes battle area, Emilija Pliateryte commemoration event in Kapciamiestis city, Historical performance and ancient battle pageant in Kapciamiestis area, Punsk Lithuanian cultural house performance in Skansen, 2 research – scientific seminars will take place in Lazdijai, 1 thematic conference, “Lithuanian – Polish co-operation between boarders and regional development” will take place in will be held in Punsk, Skansen, final conference will held in Lazdijai. During the project implementation, in renovated premises in Lazdijai district and Punsk area municipalities regular performance of joint Lithuanian and Polish cultural activities will take place. Individual artists and collective performers from both side of boarder will be invited to participate in Lithuanian and Polish organized activities. In Kapciamiestis, E.Pliaterytes museum joint international lectures, seminars, conferences will be organized in frame of the project and using other sources of funding and covering of organizational expences.

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